“Incredible. The food, the music, the stories. Never experienced anything like it.”

Kiera and Anil, 32, fans since 2015

What people are saying

“The orchestra made you feel like you feel like you were at the centre of an arctic gale with frost on your chin”

The Guardian


“Prepare to be dazzled



“Never felt so connected to live music before in my life.”

Amy, 26, fan since 2014


“Moving in the extreme”

The Independent


“Ludicrously epic”

The Nudge


“Perfect Escapism”



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Ticket types

Full tickets are £49

Enter King Mark’s castle. Dine on steaming feast platters (for hog-lovers and vegetarians alike) designed by MasterChef Champion Natalie Coleman;  slake your thirst with a goblet of sparkling mead.  Then journey to lands unknown, the thrill of adventure in your heart and the tang of sea salt on your lips. In distant realms, live out the legend of Tristan and Isolde. Lose yourself in enthralling storytelling and bewitching music. Then return, never to talk of your miraculous discoveries, save with your brave fellow adventurers.

Basic tickets are £29

Join in the festivities at King Mark’s castle. The feast is not included, but you can exchange your gold with castle denizens for ales, meads and fine wines from the kitchen cellars. Then set sail with your fellow travellers for distant shores. Be transported by the crashing of waves, the words of a mysterious storyteller and the thrilling sound of a live orchestra. Beware, for the day is lies. Trust only the night.

Strictly limited VIP tickets are £69

They include premium feast seating, bottomless mead and an alcohol-infused surprise from Brangane, the Queen’s handmaid. There’s premium seating at the main experience and an exclusive gift from the creators.

Finally, on your return to the real world, you’ll receive a wine tasting experience at our partners, Corney and Barrow’s headquarters.

On the night

Once you’ve booked, read all the details on your ticket carefully. Make a note of the castle’s location, when it opens and when your voyage departs.

You can enter from 6pm, Thursday-Saturday and from 1pm on Sunday. Whenever you choose to arrive, make sure you leave enough time for your dinner! Our pilgrimage waits for no man, dwarf nor dragon. If you are late, you will miss the experience.

Once you’ve returned to the castle, stay late, drink on with exclusive offerings for returning travellers and share tales of your adventures with your fellow adventurers. The castle closes its doors at 10.30pm.

For any other queries, check our FAQ, call us on 02071297303 or email us.