Arensky Chamber Orchestra

Artistic Director & Principal Conductor: William Kunhardt
Theatre Director: Melanie Fullbrook
Lead performers: Adam Clifford, Eleanor Sanderson-Nash

Purveyor of secret concerts, penthouse club nights, and chamber jams.
The Arensky Chamber Orchestra is the UK’s creator of immersive music experiences.

Its players hold positions in leading British orchestras like the Royal Philharmonic and BBC Symphony. But unlike other orchestras, members also include chefs, set designers and more, from projects like the Gingerline and Alice’s Adventures Underground. Together, they fuse fearless performance, visual design, storytelling and food and drink, to create living musical worlds.

Founded in 2009, the ACO has a cult following 10 years younger than the UK average. Now an Arts Council funded ensemble, the orchestra is on a run of sold-out performances that stretches back to 2015.

“Moving in the extreme” – The Independent

From 2013-17, the ACO was resident orchestra of the Hospital Club, Covent Garden. There, it curated Concerts Re:Imagined, a series that re-defined the orchestral experience.

Live programme notes, where the orchestra told stories about the repertoire from the stage, took audiences deep inside the notes. Themed cocktails, like the Faun’s Elixir, conjured up the music’s many characters, whilst spontaneous post-concert jam sessions, like the notorious Hungarian Chamber Jam, brought the musicians and their listeners closer together.

“Made you feel like you were at the centre of an arctic gale with frost on your chin” – The Guardian

From the 17/18 season onwards, the orchestra’s work includes immersive creations at the National Gallery, London and a series of touring adventures along the South East coast, in partnership with Arts Council UK.